Whether it’s sporting adventure or an experiential journey you’re looking for, we’ve got it in the Galapagos Islands. Stand-alone tours or combine with a trip to Machu Picchu… our Travel Consultant will help you create the the journey of your dreams!


We explore this marine sanctuary and evolutionary hotspot by land or by boat. Our adventures have the best service, deluxe waterfront lodging, gourmet experiences and remarkable naturalist guides in the islands, to offer you a most unforgettable journey. You´ll have time to walk extraordinary lava trails, visit active volcano calderas, come close to giant tortoises in their natural habitat, snorkel and swim in clear tropical waters bursting with marine life, and relax on pristine, isolated paradise beaches. Discerning travelers delight in delicious gourmet meals featuring fresh seafood, fusion flavors, and local ingredients, while relaxing at our deluxe waterfront properties complete with spa, wet bar, and stunning ocean views from lounge terraces.

Our Signature Journeys take you to a very different Galapagos, steering you away from the crowds, the strict galapagosschedules and large groups; and crafting a personalized, customized, flexible itinerary that allows you to have the best wildlife encounters, discover authentic local communities and enjoy the finest culinary experiences. Perfect for honeymooners, family groups and those who want alternatives to traditional cruise island visits.

galapagos-kayakLooking for sports? Experience the Galapagos Islands in the most active and engaging ways! Biking across volcano-studded landscapes, kayaking crystal turquoise waters surrounded by astounding marine life, snorkeling among vibrant tropical fish and sharks, and hiking a diversity of coastal and highland landscapes will leave you breathless. After a full day of activities, relax and enjoy every evening at our eco-friendly Opuntia boutique hotels.